Topnaijagist- YouTube Child Star Authors Amber And Ruby Oyinsan Turn 8

YouTube Child Star Authors Amber And Ruby Oyinsan Turn 8


YouTube child stars and Young authors of the Icecream Adventure Ebook series, Amber And Ruby Oyinsan turned 8 today,April 15th 2021 and celebrate with a glam photoshoot.

Nigerian twin daughters of award winning Media Personalites Oscar and Titi Oyinsan had a glam photoshoot with Renowned child photographer M12 Photography.  

The theme of the shoot is "Amber and Ruby- All Grown Up" 

The glam styling choices  came from ankara childrens clothing designer @tilda_designs and  @Uk.home
Hair styling by Momager, Titithedynamite.
Balloons courtesy

The shoot showcases just how much these intelligent and outspoken twins have grown and how much more they still have to showcase on their new YouTube channel "AmberAndRuby Oyinsan"

The channel started following a long string of cute videos on thier Instagram handle @amberandrubyoyinsan which  quickly became the go-to handle for parents to appreciate the parenting efforts of Oscar and Titi Oyinsan. 

They have begun a book series  "Adventures of Amber Amd Ruby" curated by internationally acclaimed author and Illustrator Temi and Francis Adeshina of the "Bantu the Bully" children's book series @Readlandng

The first Title of the series is called "IceCream Adventure" and can be ordered from thier website

Amber plays Soccer, is a fan of contemporary music and has excelled in numerous coding competitions as she  builds #Roblox online games as a hobby. Ruby is very skilled with paint, other arts and craft,  science experiments and has a very keen eye for fashion styling.

Many Nigerian parents are fans of the twins are said to have over the years, shown their own children the numerous activities Amber and Ruby get up to on their Instagram page and YouTube Channel.

Be sure to subscribe to thier YouTube channel AmberAndRubyOyinsan to watch them take the world by storm.

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