Topnaijagist- AFRIMA- Celebrating Resilience !

AFRIMA- Celebrating Resilience !


2020 was something else, wouldn’t you say? The trajectory of living was certainly altered by the pandemic and the world as we knew it, changed.

 We were all at a standstill, thanks to COVID-19 and like us at AFRIMA, you all had to stay home and stay safe. Our lives became a monotonous habit of waking up, eating, spending hours on our screens, working, schooling, and watching our favorite shows.

It was certainly difficult but that did not stop our resilient spirits from finding a way to share our love for music and entertainment. From virtual parties to song challenges, we kept the fun alive and connected to each other on a deeper level.

We want to give a huge shout out to all the African artists that kept us thoroughly entertained even in the period of uncertainty; your art and sounds lubricated our souls and provided the much-needed rhythm the pandemic took from us and as the year advances, we look forward to all the amazing content from our favorite stars!

In partnership with the African Union Commission, (AUC), All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, is a music and cultural initiative developed to celebrate, reward, and showcase the rich musical heritage of Africa, stimulate conversations among Africans and between Africa and the rest of the globe about the great potentials and values of the African culture and artistic legacy for the purpose of creating jobs, reducing poverty, calling the attention of world leaders to Africa and promoting the positive image of Africa to the world.

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